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As we are seasoned professionals, a tribute to your Domme is absolutely necessary for her precious time spent with you.  As a sub, slave, or newbie - your tribute is a sign of respect! 

I  recommend to plan a fetish experience out with me after understanding the guidelines below:

1)  A standard session consists of an hour(s) covering a variety of different fetishes/curiosities.  Whether it be ideas of your own, or the many that spawn from what my devious mind has suggested for you  - make your intentions clear prior to our meeting.  If this is a first-time experience, you will be in good hands as I will be your guide through your new wicked experience and possible future therapy.

2) Half hours sessions are available only in certain circumstances and I personally don't suggest it for very DEEPLY interested new-comers. Contact me to discuss it further.

3)  Multi-hour sessions are available and can be negotiated.  Again, be clear and up front about everything you have as ideas as little as the details of an intricate picture, and all don't's, it can make all of the difference.

4)  Sessions lasting several hours, full day, multi-day, a possible weekend retreat, or business trip are all available options.  Session tributes for extended times must be negotiated up front with a provided gift of proving yourself to be taken seriously.


5)  Based on the chemistry, a long term arrangement is available with a small, possible, very selective group of clients, in which case an agreement/contract will be discussed.


Additional Advice straight from the my mouth :

-Always treat your Domme with respect.

-Tributes must be made up front​.

-No games/time-wasters, just be professionally open as if you were applying to play a part in a new world.

-Communicate your interests & limits up front.

-Good hygiene is a must!

 . . . . Do these things, and you can expect a Total Domme -Nation Experience!


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